Happiness and Well Being Coaching

The Soul Project


Created from the soul, for the soul, ‘The Soul Project’ aims to help you become the best version of yourself. My aim with this program is to help you understand what true happiness is, by integrating scientific, holistic, and spiritual methods in your life.
What can you expect with this 3 weeks program:
  • It will give you the clarity to discover your true self
  • It will give you the courage to break the self-shattering patterns, and exhausting cycles in life
  • It will give you the tools to live a happy, fulfilled life
I have had numerous experiences myself, and I have seen this with my clients too. It’s the thought process of assuming we don’t need it. Primarily because results from coaching cannot be measured tangibly. But I have seen through my training at the University of Yale that nothing is more important than self-healing and self- love, and that only comes with a positive and healthy mindset.

In conclusion, all I can say is that follow your soul, it knows the way to true happiness. Reach within yourself and draw out your core strength. Harness your innate energy and create a dynamic ‘You’. After all, deep down in your soul, you know who you truly are.

Two words. Endless possibilities.

Have you lost your mojo for life? Are you stressed, anxious and stuck in a rut? Do you want to change but don’t know how?


  • What if you could transform your mindset using proven scientific methods?
  • What if you could identify the limiting beliefs that are restricting you?
  • What if you could make actual changes in your communication, and belief system, to achieve your goals?
  • What if you could be happier, healthier, and more successful?
  • What if I tell you that you can feel happy, complete, and ready?

We are the problem. We are the solution.

Here is why we struggle with being truly happy.
Being happy is our priority in life, yet ironically our belief systems play an important role but does not contribute to our happiness levels.
We do not make time for what will significantly and sustainably increase our happiness.

Manifest a happy soul!

The foundation of a successful relationship is compatibility. We need to vibe at the same wavelength and feel comfortable opening up to each other. Just like you, it is important for me too to be excited about the clients I work with. Once we match each other’s sensitivity and perception, we are then ready for this divine meeting which will lead you abundant happiness. I truly believe that compatibility is the key ingredient in the recipe for a successful partnership.

Yes, this is a partnership! I will be with you at every step and work together in every session. I will give you clarity, help you adopt a new mindset, boost your confidence with strategies and techniques. But ultimately it is up to you to take dedicated action every day to achieve your dreams.

My advice to you is this. Your guide should be able to beautifully merge joy with workable tools that you can apply in daily life. So, consult a happiness coach who will handhold you till you are ready to bloom on your own.

In the three weeks program, you will:

  • Become less stressful and more at ease
  • Become confident and self-assured
  • Become cheerful and exuberant
  • Experience ultimate joy

Me? I’m not like the rest

Life is like an obstacle course. The harder the obstacle, the harder you try. A few years ago, that was my life. It would have impossible for me to overcome my roadblocks, and be as happy as I am today if I didn’t have timely support. Are you feeling the same? If you are, then:
  • I will show you the ‘Science of Happiness’.
  • I will give you scientifically proven, impactful in-depth training and exercises, to truly understand happiness.
  • I will help you bust myths and restrictive beliefs and develop new belief systems.
  • I will enable you to transform using Mindfulness and bring in the ‘Heart Coherence’.
  • I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, happiness and holistic wellbeing. All I want is for you to be happy. The journey may be challenging, but I promise it will be fun too!

Ready to work as a team?

If you are ready to unlock your inner joy, let’s begin this exciting transformation. Get in touch with me to schedule a call.

p>At the end of the call, either of the two things will happen:

  • Either you are a perfect fit. In that case, I will extend an invitation to you as one of my clients.
  • If we don’t match, it’s totally fine. There are no obligations on your part.

Regardless, I will suggest something that will help you achieve your goals.

So, shall we begin?